Shinn Cherng Company was founded in 1966, Shinn Cherng started out as a small retailer whom exported Taiwanese mung bean and red adzuki bean to Japan. At the time, exporting agri-products was the major business of Shinn Cherng and the company developed from there.

As Taiwan’s economic grew and GDP number rises, domestic market demand has increased tremendously; therefore, importing became part of Shinn Cherng’s major business. Moreover, to transit along with the market trend, Shinn Cherng Company transformed into Shinn Cherng Corporation.
For nearly half a century, dried Bean is one of the most significant product category for Shinn Cherng. However, the company’s mission is to provide more one-stop services to our customers. Nowadays Shinn Cherng offers much more diversified product categories such as starches, rice flours, dried nuts, dried fruits, grains, cereals, cans, other products including traditional Chinese herbs.

Shinn Cherng’s diversified product categories increased its competitiveness; besides, providing customers with better quality products earned Shinn Cherng a good solid reputation in Taiwan. Additionally, to build up Shinn Cherng’s credibility, Shinn Cherng worked with the world’s independent leading inspection and testing company, SGS, to test and verify the quality and safety of our products.
Lastly,"Confidence leads to future“ is Shinn Cherng’s cooperate core value, in this essence, Shinn Cherng will keep our legacy and strive to improve towards the next generation.